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Bruder Gegen Bruder 2

"Vengeance is mine saith the Lord."

Bruder 2 Promo Poster

Promotional Poster for "Bruder Gegen Bruder 2"

"Bruder Gegen Bruder 2" was intended as a follow up to “Bruder Gegen Bruder” and “Tanzen Mit Dem Teufel.” It continued the storyline of a man, again portrayed with the “Bryan” model, who had made an alliance with the forces of hell and betrayed his friends.

This plot drew elements, concepts, and characters from the earlier “Nyghtfall” project, and attempted to mesh the dialogue-free stories of the earlier shorts into something coherent and even epic.


Bruder 2 Working Script - Draft #1 - (02/10/06)
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In this story, the Bryan character had broken up with his girlfriend for unspecified reasons, and simultaneously lost his job. His despair drove him to contact the demon Malitos of Wrath, and ultimately sign a deal with Satan himself. As part of this deal, Bryan was to kill his friend Abel, as depicted in “Bruder,” and recruit lost soul Arizona, as shown in “Tanzen.”

Meanwhile, John, an old friend of Bryan and Abel (loosely based on real people), tried to both track down Bryan and discover the mystery of Abel’s murder. In the course of what would have been a nearly hour-long movie, John learned magic with the help of a mysterious old man, defeated a minor demon, and ultimately restored Abel to life while trapping Bryan in hell.


John's Apartment
Bird's Eye View
Livingroom 1
Livingroom 2
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
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"Bruder 2" was developed using the increasingly advanced DAZ Studio platform, and would have featured lip-synced dialog and background music. Unfortunately, real world events repeatedly delayed production, and it eventually became clear that a project of this scope was beyond the abilities of the studio, given our small size and lack of experience. Additionally, elements of the script were deemed to be unsuitable, and eventually the entire project was cannibalized for what became known as “Teufelsbauer.”

Nevertheless, over the entire development period of “Bruder 2” the studio created an enormous amount of material, developed new capabilities, and learned new techniques, making it possible for future projects to be more complex and better planned.


Malitos Character Sheet
Satan Character Sheet
Bryan and Arizona
Oberwald in Tomb
Satan Composite
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