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Satan Goes to Work

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Satan at Work

Satan Hard at Work (Click for Larger)

“Satan Goes to Work” was a spinoff of “Bruder 2.” It stemmed from a late-night conversation about the locations covered in the story, which led to one particular place being described as “the corporate offices of Hell.” Well, what would Hell be like, if Hell was an office, and Satan was an ineffectual manager in a cubicle farm? Thus a short comedy piece was born.


Satan Goes to Work Script
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Based on common office experiences, the story consisted of Satan dealing with petty annoyances in his office, such as having his reserved parking place taken, his lunch eaten, and being on the receiving end of angry phone calls from his suspicious wife. In the end, the characters from “Bruder 2” arrive to give him a pink slip.

Despite its short length and relative ease of production, “Satan Goes to Work” unfortunately had to be shelved when “Bruder 2” and then “Teufelsbauer” were abandoned, because it was felt the story, being a parody, would not make enough sense without the original “Bruder 2.”


Satan's Office
Satan's Office Layout
Satain in the Elevator
Satan's Door
Breakroom 1
Breakroom 2
Satan's Office Wall
Satan at his desk
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